Middle of the night schools

October 28th, 2009 Suzie Posted in Consumer, Education, recession No Comments »

Lately I’ve been digging into what the medium-long term implications of the recession might be. I was browsing the NYTimes this morning and this article on night classes caught my eye.

It reveals that record numbers are attending night schools at community colleges across the US, as consumers of all ages seek to improve their standard of living, achieve aspirations and lead a better life.

But these aren’t just ordinary nightclasses. They take place literally in the early hours of the morning or during night-time (midnight to 2-3 am) – such is the demand for retraining and gaining extra qualifications. Attendance numbers are booming for this kind of study.

On an individual level, it requires an extraordinary amount of willpower and drive to take this on. Beneath the surface though, I think this symbolises how the recession has had a deeper, more profound impact on people’s lives.

To go back and do a degree or retrain to be a nurse in your 50′s is pretty amazing when you are managing it with a job and family life. In addition to a better lifestyle further down the line, it’s about having greater control over one’s life, fulfilling dreams and feeling good about yourself.

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