Personalized newspapers – the Niiu project

October 14th, 2009 Suzie Posted in Media, News media 1 Comment »

This week saw the launch of the first personalized newspaper in Berlin. Dubbed as the Niiu project, it enables readers to mash-up their own content from national and local sources – online and print – to create their own individual printed paper.

Like the theblogpaper, as reported in PSFK, the Niiu project is set up by young people for a young audience. Although the former is a pure user-generated and crowdsource initiative, the latter is guided by the user, perhaps taking note from successful product customisation ideas, such as NikeID.

Nevertheless, it puts the consumer/audience in control, right where they want to be, whilst tapping into the all important co-creation trend.

It will be interesting to see how successful the venture is. The company behind this, InterTi certainly have ambitions to take it global. With the growth of e-readers, it’s perhaps easy to see how this might also work in digital form. Watch this space.


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