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We all know that consumer-generated content dominates on the now ubiquitous video channels like YouTube and Vimeo, but marketers are making much more use of video content as well.

Recent research from eMarketer highlights the growth of video content by corporations and marketers and highlights that in some verticals, like retailing, it is no longer a luxury but a necessity to have video content online.

  • Forrester reports that over two-thirds of the top 50 US online retailers now have video content, up from less than one-fifth in 2008. But it’s not just the marketing dept doing all the work.
  • One-third of Fortune 500 companies are now doing some kind of video blogging. (Sourced from same eMarketer article)

A critical transition seems to be the creation of ‘video content’ as opposed to just ‘video advertising’. For years now we’ve had TV ads and virals on the web, but with the ‘social web’ developing at a pace, marketers are exploring other ways of using video as content to engage, inform and entertain.

One example I quite like is from Strada, the Italian restaurant chain. Strada uses video content to show us how to re-create their recipes at home. Step-by-step tuition is given by its top development chef on how to make a range of  Strada recipes by following the video online.

Picture 21

Not only do these videos connect us more intimately with the brand and its products, but they encourage more time to be spent engaging with the brand.

And you know it works! I now know how to master the art of making the best bruschetta al pomodoro.

An extra benefit is accessibility and shareability. You can download the videos via iTunes to watch on the iPod or iPhone and then share them with your social networks.

Do you have any other examples of video content – as opposed to advertising – that works for you?

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